How to live healthy to reduce the risk of deadly diseases.

Understanding of Sport

Live healthy | We can interpret exercise as a form of intended and Structured physical activity that involves repetitive body movements and is intended to improve conditioning. And you know about the importance of doing sports movements for┬álive healthy because by doing sports you will become very fantastic benefits for the human body as: Increasing thinking power, increasing your body’s immunity to be prone to disease, can increase hunger.

Are you healthy and how to live healthy and reduce the risk of getting deadly diseases.

You can do this method to get it live healthy

The beans you frequently find in Japanese restaurants may Actually meet every fiber needs.

  • Wheat bread.
  • 1 slice of whole wheat bread contains about 2.2 g Of fiber.
  • Pear.
  • You will get some vitamins A, D, D, B, C, B6, C and nutritional supplements Fiber 3.1 gram
  • Balance the meal.
  • Healthy carbohydrates comprise brown rice, whole wheat Bread, pasta and crackers, starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips and potatoes, quinoa, millet, spinach.
  • Eat 3 times each day.

Stretching muscles (live healthy)

1 thing that You Must know and devote it for You Before you begin taking game must warmup, why? To avoid the risk of injury to certain sections of the body, could decrease muscle strain. So from that, we strongly recommend that before starting exercise it’s good to heat up , obviously using the right technique since it should.


It is highly recommended for everyone to do light exercise, because with this exercise the body can sweat and strengthen the biceps and also the Triceps muscle.


Squat motions can educate your strength particularly in the Thighs, hips and buttocks, cerebral quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, and strengthen bones, ligaments and tendon insertion to all the parts that are lower.

Sit up.

Doing Sit ups to Teach stomach endurance and can Strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Maintain a diet and add nutritious and high-fiber foods, such as:

  • Apple.
  • One apple comprises about 4.4 grams of fiber.
  • Broccoli.
  • A plate of broccoli comprises about 5.1 g of fiber.
  • Japanese beans.


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