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Color Switch

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colorswitchColor Switch is a very addictive and popular game on android devices. Now you have ability to play it online in your browser at our website www.icolorswitch.com. If you have never heard about this game I will tell you what’s the main idea of it. In color switch you are playing as a small dot that changes colors all the time. For example if your dot at the beginning of the game is blue, you should move forward in such a way, that go through the pattern of the same color. If you fail to match the colors, you will have to start from the beginning. Even though that this may seem an easy task it’s not so easy. The patterns are moving all the time and it’s a bit difficult to make the right choice when to move forward. The controls for Color Switch game are easy : you should press mouse right button to move. Enjoy the full version of Color Switch game for free online at our webpage.